3 GOOD Reasons You Need Hydroponic Gardening

Saves Space

Hydroponic gardening saves an enormous amount of space in contrast to traditional soil gardening. You can plant up to 4x the crops using hydroponic gardening versus the same space used in traditional soil gardening primarily because roots do not have to stretch to find water and minerals. Hydroponic gardening gives everyone, regardless of location, the ability to grow more than enough fresh food using minimal space.

The use of traditional gardening methods results in plant roots spreading through the soil to search for water and nutrients…and more roots means more space. Hydroponic gardening solves this problem by providing plant roots with a bath of oxygenated nutrient solution in replace of soil, minimizing the need to search for food thereby lessening the size of the root structure and increasing plant density.

Hydroponic gardening provides your plants with a perfectly balanced “advanced nutrient solution”. Instead of using soil as a vehicle for the nutrients your plants require, hydroponic gardening uses an advanced nutrient solution to surround your plants with perfectly balanced nutrition 24/7.

The bottom line…you can grow twice the number of stronger, healthier plants using 1/4 to 1/3 of the space traditional gardens use!

Money Magazine shows you “How Gardening Could Save You $600 on Groceries”.

Saves Water

Did you know traditional gardens uses 90% more water than a recirculating hydroponic garden? Why?…Because traditional gardening irrigation loses water to evaporation, seepage, and dispersion beyond the reach of the plant’s roots.

Traditional gardening means saturating the soil with water every few days to allow the roots time to absorb the required nutrients; allowing only a small percentage of the water (and nutrients) to be used by the plant.

The opposite is true of a recirculating hydroponic gardening system like the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) hydroponic gardening system which conserves, reuses and recirculates water and minerals (also called an advanced nutrient solution).

A recirculating hydroponic gardening system allows a plant’s roots to absorb the perfect amount of water it needs at designated intervals and funnel the excess advanced nutrient solution back into a sealed reservoir (covered and sealed to prevent evaporation and seepage).

With hydroponics the same amount of water used to sustain a plant in soil for a day, sustains a plant in a hydroponic gardening setup for days or weeks at a time…saving upwards of 90% of the water used in traditional gardening.

Hydroponic Gardening Is Easy To Setup and Grow

Saves Time

There’s no-doubt in the fact that hydroponic gardening involves less labor than traditional gardening and here’s why:

  • Hydroponic gardening provides a controlled environment which saves time weeding, controlling pest and manually watering crops.
  • Hydroponic gardening systems immerse plants roots in a perfectly balanced advanced nutrient solution — roots do not have to stretch, expending precious time and energy needed to grow in search of water and minerals which means you can grow 2x the amount of crops and double the harvest yield in a fraction of the time.
  • Harvesting with hydroponic gardening means you get to squeeze in more harvest cycles with year round growing and harvesting.

With hydroponic gardening, you can take a head of lettuce from seedling to harvest in one month versus two months with traditional gardening. Imagine how much faster you’ll become a gardening expert with hydroponic gardening.

Start hydroponic gardening today!