Bubble Bucket Hydroponic Garden Builders Guide

Professor Cool Helps You Build Your First Hydroponic Gardening Planter

Although hydroponic gardening experts have varying opinions over the best technique of growing plants indoors, deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic gardening has proven to be one of the best techniques available. (Coincidentally DWC is, in fact, the same technique mother nature uses in marshes and swamps) And the “Bubble Bucket” hydroponic system is quite possibly[…]

The 9 biggest hydroponic gardening blunders

Avoid the 9 biggest hydroponic gardening blunders

Hydroponic gardening can be a little tricky when you first get started…avoid these common hydroponic gardening blunders and you’ll do fine. Growing without real knowledge –  The idea of hydroponic gardening is so simple most of the items you’ll need to assemble your first hydroponic gardening system are already in your home. However, hydroponic gardening can be a[…]

Hydroponic Gardening Quick Grow Guide

Learn hydroponic gardening using these 8.5 simple and easy steps

Step 1 Decide what you want to grow Deciding what you want to grow before you begin building your hydroponic garden will help you decide where to setup your grow area, the best type of hydroponic gardening system, and the system capacity that best suits your needs. Just about any plant can be grown hydroponically,[…]

GreenBite Hydroponic Gardening

Start Growing Fresh Vegetables with Hydroponic Gardening

Stop paying for aged and over priced fruits and vegetables. Learn how you can grow a continuous supply of fresh, healthy food in the comfort of your home without soil and without the high costs of farmers markets and grocery stores. Fresh produce means you’re not only saving money by growing your own fruits and[…]

Hydroponic Garden Builder's Quick Grow Guide

Good Stuff You Can Grow with Hydroponic Gardening

Aeroponic Although aeroponic hydroponics is more technical, it is perfect for growing smaller leafy vegetables and fruit. Done properly, this method can create large, quick-growing plants and lots of fruit. Perfect for: Cherry Tomatoes Chili Peppers Strawberries Blueberries The Click and Grow hydroponic garden utilizes areoponics and makes the process very simple. Everything comes in[…]

Hydroponic Food Democracy

Hydroponic gardening is shaping the future

It is fairly obvious hydroponic gardening is poised to become a primary source of agriculture in the future. Hydroponic grown vegetation is believed to have preceded soil grown vegetation in our oceans dating back to the creation of the earth. In fact, the Egyptians, Inca Indian tribes, the Aztecs, and the ancient Babylonians all practiced hydroponic gardening. Today[…]

The Real Truth About Hydroponic Gardening

3 GOOD Reasons You Need Hydroponic Gardening

Saves Space Hydroponic gardening saves an enormous amount of space in contrast to traditional soil gardening. You can plant up to 4x the crops using hydroponic gardening versus the same space used in traditional soil gardening primarily because roots do not have to stretch to find water and minerals. Hydroponic gardening gives everyone, regardless of[…]

GreenBite Hydroponic Gardening

Are you tired of wasting money and food every month?…start hydroponic gardening.

Everyone knows that eating healthy is important. Trying to cut down your junk food or frozen meal consumption, however, might have a beneficial effect on your health but a devastating effect on your finances. A research team from the University of Washington compared the calorie-for-calorie prices of more than 370 supermarket items in the Seattle[…]