Build an Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden System

Setting up a hydroponic garden is surprisingly simple and easy to do…the first and the only thing you really need is the desire to start growing your own food. Everything else is fairly easy to come by, in fact most of the parts can be purchased from your local hardware store or Amazon.

After you decide you want to start growing your own fresh food with hydroponic gardening, the second thing you’ll need is a hydroponic gardening system. A basic hydroponic gardening system can be assembled for less than $50 dollars and in less than 30 minutes. I’ve included the parts list from a similar system I built a couple of years ago to grow cherry tomatoes.

Download the DIY Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Builder’s Guide

Simple DIY Aeroponic Hydroponic Gardening System Parts List:

Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden
1 storage tote with lid – 10 Gallon or larger
1 aquarium air pump
2 feet airline
1 air stone (4″ or smaller)
1 water pump
1/2 inch pvc
5-7 micro sprayers
Grow medium (lava rocks or sure-to-grow)
Advanced Nutrients

That covers the store bought items, but don’t forget about a few other things necessary for a healthy plant and optimal growth:

Sunlight (Natural or Artificial) — Read more about lighting here.
Temperature (Indoor growers should take note) — Read Keeping Your Grow Room Cool
System Maintenance & Cleaning — Hydroponic Garden Maintenance Checklist

Download the DIY Aeroponic Hydroponic Garden Builder’s Guide

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