Hydroponic Gardening Quick Grow Guide

Learn hydroponic gardening using these 8.5 simple and easy steps

Step 1 Decide what you want to grow Deciding what you want to grow before you begin building your hydroponic garden will help you decide where to setup your grow area, the best type of hydroponic gardening system, and the system capacity that best suits your needs. Just about any plant can be grown hydroponically,[…]

The Real Truth About Hydroponic Gardening

3 GOOD Reasons You Need Hydroponic Gardening

Saves Space Hydroponic gardening saves an enormous amount of space in contrast to traditional soil gardening. You can plant up to 4x the crops using hydroponic gardening versus the same space used in traditional soil gardening primarily because roots do not have to stretch to find water and minerals. Hydroponic gardening gives everyone, regardless of[…]

The Real Truth About Hydroponic Gardening

The Worst Hydroponic Gardening Myths

Hydroponic Gardening…just the mention of the words get us excited. Why? Because hydroponic gardening allows you to take control of your life growing fresh, healthy produce year round with relative ease in the comfort of your home, without the hassles and high prices of grocery stores and farmers markets…putting the power of self-sufficiency and sustainability in[…]

The Real Truth About Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening is Saving Families Thousands of Dollars

Did you know the average American family spends $150 per week for food supply, only to throw the same amount out with the trash every single month. You might think purchasing groceries is the one expense you can’t afford to reduce but, you can cut your grocery bill – you can start saving money and[…]