Hydroponic Gardening is Saving Families Thousands of Dollars

Did you know the average American family spends $150 per week for food supply, only to throw the same amount out with the trash every single month. You might think purchasing groceries is the one expense you can’t afford to reduce but, you can cut your grocery bill – you can start saving money and feeding your family fresher, better tasting produce with hydroponic gardening. Download The Infographic: The Real Costs of the Way We Eat

Hydroponic Gardening Can Save You  Money

Hydroponic gardening means, you can grow strong, healthy plants without soil, high costs or tremendous amounts of space. It’s an extremely efficient and productive way of growing veggies and fruits, mostly because hydroponic gardens can be grown both indoors and outdoors in relatively small spaces. There are plenty of examples for successful implementation of hydroponic gardening projects in North America, one of the largest being FarmedHere, located in Chicago. The company produces its own certified-organic greens, kale, arugula and various herbs and their produce is extremely sought-after in organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods. In fact, in the past five years, the revenues for hydroponic crop farming industry have not only remained stable but increased significantly. Additionally, numerous hydroponic gardens, many of which on an extremely large scale, have been built to increase food supply in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and across Europe and Asia…and just in the United States, there are more than 500 hydroponic greenhouses.

The efficiency and reduced costs associated with hydroponic gardening are not the sole reason for its success. In many cases, hydroponic grown produce has higher nutritional benefits, and additionally is protected against the majority of pests and diseases commonly found in soil. According to various sources, hydroponic farming/gardening can produce up to 100 times the crop return traditional farming/gardening produces, mostly because hydroponics increases plant density and reduces times between harvest intervals.

But hydroponic gardening is not just suitable for large-scale communities and projects. In fact, with hydroponics you can grow your own produce ensuring that you and your family will always enjoy fresher, higher quality fruits and vegetables at your table without the high costs of ‘big store’ produce.

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Hydroponic Gardening Saves You Money
Figure 1: This comparison shows that hydroponic gardening yields 11 times more crop produce than conventional (soil) gardening.



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