The 9 biggest hydroponic gardening blunders

Avoid the 9 biggest hydroponic gardening blunders

Hydroponic gardening can be a little tricky when you first get started…avoid these common hydroponic gardening blunders and you’ll do fine. Growing without real knowledge –  The idea of hydroponic gardening is so simple most of the items you’ll need to assemble your first hydroponic gardening system are already in your home. However, hydroponic gardening can be a[…]

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Summertime Heat and Hydroponics — Save your Garden and your Money

Summertime temperatures can be brutal on an indoor hydroponics garden. Excess heat can cause the plants to wilt, droop and possibly die. Tips to reduce extreme heat in your hydroponics garden : – Big circulation fans. Remember excessive wind blowing directly on plants will cause additional stress to your plants. So aim the fans towards[…]