Professor Cool Helps You Build Your First Hydroponic Gardening Planter

Although hydroponic gardening experts have varying opinions over the best technique of growing plants indoors, deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic gardening has proven to be one of the best techniques available. (Coincidentally DWC is, in fact, the same technique mother nature uses in marshes and swamps) And the “Bubble Bucket” hydroponic system is quite possibly the simplest and easiest of all the DWC setups.

The “Bubble Bucket” Hydroponic Gardening Builder’s Guide includes a detailed description of the system with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions, supply lists, required tools, tips and suggested modifications for operation of a 6″ mesh bubble bucket system.

Bubble Bucket Hydroponic Garden Builders Guide

Hydroponic Garden Bubble Bucket Builder’s Guide

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