Summertime Heat and Hydroponics — Save your Garden and your Money

Greenhouse PlantsSummertime temperatures can be brutal on an indoor hydroponics garden. Excess heat can cause the plants to wilt, droop and possibly die.

Tips to reduce extreme heat in your hydroponics garden :

– Big circulation fans. Remember excessive wind blowing directly on plants will cause additional stress to your plants. So aim the fans towards walls allowing the air to diffuse before coming in contact with the plants

– Extraction. Unless you use huge 250MM or several 150MM fans too much extraction can actually harm your garden. To much extraction dries the air and drastically lowers the humidity and is not advised except in the case of extremely large gardens.

– Light Reduction. Switching off 1 out of 3 lights will increase growth – reducing heat thereby causing less stress to your garden. The reduction in temperature will make your plants perform better and lower your electric bill (if only marginally). Note — Keep an eye out for your plants stretching as a result of inadequate lighting.

– Low powered bulbs. In most applications low powered bulbs just don’t cut it. However for plants like lettuce, spinach and other leafy green vegetables only a minimum of light is required to sustain growth. Perfect for smaller gardens.

– Put the light cycle on at night. The best single thing you can do. Note — be careful to ensure no light escapes.