Are you tired of wasting money and food every month?…start hydroponic gardening.

Everyone knows that eating healthy is important. Trying to cut down your junk food or frozen meal consumption, however, might have a beneficial effect on your health but a devastating effect on your finances.

A research team from the University of Washington compared the calorie-for-calorie prices of more than 370 supermarket items in the Seattle area and their findings were striking. Junk foods not only cost significantly less than fruits and vegetables, but their prices are also less affected by inflation. The difference is staggering when you consider the price of the average 2,000-calorie diet most of us are likely to consume on a daily basis: if it consists only of junk food, you will pay less than $3.60. If you opt for healthy foods, however, its price rises to the outrageous $36!
So, is the solution to forget about healthy foods? The short answer is no. The long one, and the solution that will help you take care of your health without breaking the bank is hydroponic gardening.

Maintaining a hydroponic garden at home can save you hundreds of dollars annually, while also providing you with fresh, quality produce for only a fraction of its supermarket price. Studies have shown that a hydroponic garden can yield around a ½ pound of produce per every square foot during the growing season. In real numbers, this means that if you have a 600-square foot garden, you can yield more than 300 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, worth around $600. The numbers speak for themselves, especially when compared to the price of maintaining the hydroponic garden which is only around $70 per year.

The average household spends around 12.5% of its income on food and grocery shopping, which makes it the third biggest expenses after housing and transportation. Of the $6,759 you’ll spend this year on food, more than $750 will be spent on fruits and vegetables which you can grow in your hydroponic garden for only a fraction of the price. Cut your hefty grocery bills and embrace a healthier lifestyle with the help of hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic Gardening Can Save You  Money


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