William Coo'ls Hydroponic Gardening Tips

7.5 Power Tips For Growing Hydroponics

7.5 Hydroponic Gardening Tips Anyone new to hydroponic gardening could easily feel overwhelmed, especially if you read some of the books on the market. The majority of these books are loaded with industry and technical jargon that the average person can’t understand it. One exception to this terend is the GrowFoodEasy Hydroponic Gardening Journal &[…]

6 Types of Hydroponic Systems

The 6 types of hydroponic gardening systems…How to decide which to use and why

Your choice of hydroponic gardening system(s) will depend heavily on three main factors including the size of your grow area, what you are growing, and your budget. Tip: When determining what system is suitable for your grow room remember that you’ll want to leave some room to move around your reservoir tank(s), cleaning, and accessing your[…]